Faz-Arc Welding Ltd. is an experienced, renowned company importing and marketing welding, cutting and soldering equipment from the finest manufacturers worldwide. The company's service department provides repair services for all types of welding, cutting and resistance welding machines and their accessories.Faz-Arc is a family-owned company founded in 1979. It is a market leader in the welding industry in Israel, combining innovative products, years of experience and reliable, professional service.
Faz-Arc offers an especially wide variety of products and services:
  • Welding electrodes - equivalent to those made in Israel; made according to international standards; all diameters available
  • Electrode holders and earth clamps, Arcair electrode holders and earth clamps
  • Electro-optic and regular welding masks
  • Co2/Mig  Welding wire
  • Co2/Mig machines in all sizes
  • TIG machines in all sizes
  • Plasma cutting machines in all sizes
  • Pantographs for flame/plasma cutting
  • Resistance welding machines
  • Welding rectifiers in all sizes 120A-650A
  • Cable connectors and various accessories for Co2, argon and plasma torches
  • Protective Equipment
  • Machine rental
  • Used machines
  • Weldor training and qualification
  • Instruction and lectures on all welding subjects
The company is able to provide immediate, creative solutions to various problems and requests as well as advising clients about suitable equipment.
Trade-in is also available.
Faz-Arc is located in Holon (Tel Aviv area) and provides service for customers throughout Israel, including metal plants, chemical and pharmaceutical plants,
food factories, metalworking shops and many other professionals.

We will be happy to be of service at anytime!